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Payment method

Payment Methods after serious consideration.

Please read this area carefully and accept before placing your order.

In order to provide Maximum security and the safety of our customers, and to keep all transactions discreet, we have three main methods in which payment can be made.

  1. We accepts only Bitcoin at the moment.

(1): Pay with Bitcoin with Free overnight (24 HOURS) shipping.

Make sure you buy bitcoin first before placing any order. Always buy extra because of transaction fees.

  • Bitcoins are the most secure and safest way to pay drugs online. They have no leaks and no logs. If you will be buying drugs online, get bitcoins wallet now. Paying with bitcoins is easy and safest. Even if you don’t yet have a bitcoin wallet. It is easy to create one and get bitcoins in 20 minutes.
  • When buying bitcoin, use this wallet address to deposit bitcoin instantly: bc1qw354m0qlluc2pz8t8ddzflw4w9sx8402xmdxe4
  • Copy the wallet address above and paste in the wallet section.
  • After the order is place and payment is made, notify us immediately to confirm.
  • All orders are processed and shipped immediately payment is received.

Three best places to buy bitcoins instantly with Credit cards or Debit cards are:



Buy Bitcoin online instantly at CoinSpot with credit card. Use credit card to pay and not bank transfer.


Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, instantly  from Paybis with credit/Debit cards.


2. Pay with PayPal ( Delivery in 48 hours)


– With PayPal Payments, shipping duration 48 hours.

– Not for customers with business accounts, you cannot send friends and family from a business account.

Send from PayPal personal accounts only.

-To Pay with PayPal, Total order must start from $100 and most not be more than $200.

-To pay with PayPal, send money only using the option Friends and Family Only.

-We process payment for PayPal in just 30 Minutes. That’s, you must send money within 30 minutes after receiving the PayPal email.

-After sending the money, send the screenshot immediately. Do not send money if you will not send the screenshot.

NOTE: Select this option only if you will follow the Instructions.

3. Bank to Bank transfer (for orders starting from $550)

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