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Kush Mints

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Kush Mints is a cross of Bubba Kush pollen and the clone-only Animal Mints strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics in Southern California. This balanced hybrid strain is said to have a strong minty flavor, hence the name. It also reportedly makes users feel relaxed, calm and occasionally sleepy.


Kush Mints is a cross of Bubba Kush pollen and the clone-only Animal Mints strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics in Southern California. The experts at Seed Junky have crossed a Kush Mints phenotype with several other hybrids, including Animal Cookies and Wedding Cake. This balanced hybrid strain is said to have a strong minty flavor, hence the name. It also reportedly makes users feel relaxed, calm and occasionally sleepy. Buy Kush Mints Online, Buy Marijuana Online Australia

Kush Mints, also known as “Kush Mintz,” is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. The result is a high THC strain with a unique minty taste. Kush Mints provides effects that are uplifting and happy. This strain has a complex flavor profile that tastes like mint and cookies. Growers say Kush Mints grows best when indoors and done hydroponically. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help stimulate appetite. Buy Kush Mints Online, Buy Marijuana Online Australia

Strain Information
Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 22% – 24%
Kush Mint is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a potent cross of the classic Bubba Kush X Animal Mints strains. Perfect for any fan of a super minty flavor, Kush Mint brings on well-balanced effects that hit both mind and body with a high level of potency thanks to its super heavy 22-24% average THC level. Kush Mint has a fabulously sharp minty taste with hints of fresh coffee and earthy cookies to it. The aroma is of earthy sweet woods and rich spicy coffee with a heavy kick of mint. The Kush Mint high isn’t quite as eye-opening as the flavor, with relaxing effects that will have you kicking back and pretty sleepy if you’re not careful. It starts with a warming tingle in the spine, filling you with a sense of deep permeating relaxation that ebbs and flows outwards through your limbs until you are totally calm in both mind and body. With these effects and its high level of potency, Kush Mint is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue and nausea or appetite loss. This bud has fluffy oversized piecey forest green nugs with rich amber undertones, matching hairs and a coating of sparkling clear crystal trichomes. Buy Kush Mints Online, Buy Marijuana Online Australia

Kush Mints has a pine aroma, with hints of zesty, lemon-citrus, and fresh spearmint. The mint flavor is similar to mint chocolate chip ice-cream, and boasts a spicy, kush aftertaste.

The high has been described by some as lucid and euphoric. One user described it as melting into the flow of the universe, with the feeling of being guided by intuition. Although users give rave reviews of the narcotic-like body buzz, recommending it for those with chronic pain and arthritis, energy reportedly comes on strong and remains steady. These stable energy levels make Kush Mints an excellent daytime choice among Indica lovers that need to keep moving, according to some reviewers’ recommendations. Stimulation of appetite, relief from cramps/spasms, and improvement in mood are just some of the benefits being reported by users from Kush Mints. Buy Kush Mints Online, Buy Marijuana Online Australia

If you’re expecting Kush Mints to be as refreshing as her flavor, you’d better think again. While some are counting on an uplifting and motivating set of effects, more often than not, users claim that this strain is relaxing both mentally and physically. You may not feel super stoned unless you overdo it, but for the most part, mellow happiness may permeate your body from head to toe. It should be mentioned that a large number of smokers say that Kush Mints has given them quite the case of the munchies, so stock up on snacks accordingly! Buy Kush Mints Online, Buy Marijuana Online Australia


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  1. I have severe chronic pain (RSD / CRPS) and I am terminally ill. Not much helps me, and most bud doesn’t really touch my pain much, but it gets my mind off of it. Not kush mints though! Kush mints melted my pain and put my anxious mind at ease. I’m still feeling the effects of it full force 2hrs after having a small bowl. I am dumbfounded with how incredible the strain is. It immediately relieved some of my stress anxiety and depression. Basically because I’m practically bed bound I don’t get to leave my house; let alone my room very often. This is helping me through it. I am very focused on what I’m doing, and I’m happy. This strain is definitely one to try for everyone! From CPTSD to severe pain, it’s overall one of my favorites. So glad I found it here. I highly recommend it.

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  2. Yes indeed, I do love this strain. Daughter of another wonderful plant. I smoked this with a bit of tobacco infused. Holy goodness with beautiful euphoria. Helps with an easy night off with Rick and Morty on HBO and plenty of munchies ready. Every time I smoke this strain I get comfortable with everyone around me. I can converse with others without being shy. When I’m alone I can get things done around the house and chill after with an enjoy-a-bowl afternoon. Gosh damn I absolutely love Kush Mints. Please stay growing up you beautiful plant. I’ll smoke this one definitely again later.

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