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The Uses, Benefits, and Surprising Facts about Cannabis Topicals

Topical application is by far the safest method among other ways of consuming marijuana. Users won’t experience the “high” associated with smoking weed or ingesting the herb added the fact that topical marijuana use, such as with ointments and creams, can be very effective in providing the body cells with beneficial cannabinoids.

How do marijuana Topicals Work?

 A research work published by the US National Library of Medicine, revealed that both CB1 and CB2 receptors are located in many sectors of human skin such as hair follicles, nerve fiber bundles, and even sweat glands. This implies chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant may affect these receptors in a direct way while omitting the blood/brain barrier. Given this, marijuana users can benefit from the therapeutic properties of this plant without getting high.

It should be noted that topical marijuana is for users escaping from the psychotropic effects of the plant or for those who are particularly sensitive to THC  such pediatric and elderly patients. This is justified by the fact that it gives the user the right treatment without the high.

Now that you’re familiar with the general benefits of cannabis topicals, it’s high time you learned about the benefits and some specific uses of this particularly interesting way to administer the herb.

The Benefits of marijuana Topicals

Let’s see how you can benefit from cannabis topicals in more specific ways:


Many users have reported that they treated burns such as those caused by a car exhaust with both cannabis oil and antibiotic cream. These different substances were applied on one half of the burn. It was observed that it  took marijuana  topicals only a few days until the burn treated with the herb was healing significantly faster than the half treated with the antibiotic cream.


For those suffering from swollen joints and which is significantly reducing the quality of their, cannabis topicals may be a great way to improve the situation. This is because Cannabis tinctures interact directly with the inflamed areas, effectively reducing pain throughout the day and making it easier for patients to fall asleep at night.  Marijuana topicals are frequently used by people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Skin infections and overall skin condition

Marijuana creams and other topicals have proven to help with both bacterial and fungal skin infections, not leaving out oral infections, too. Canker sores or abscessed tooth can successfully be treated by applying marijuana under the tongue. Another advantage of using topical is it may help the user fight acne, improve the elasticity of your skin, and keep it more youthful unlike smoking marijuana  which may deteriorate the condition of your skin.  

Chronic Pain

Ingesting marijuana or using it in form of topical can significantly  reduce pain. The added advantage of using the medication topically is that it acts fast and is location-specific, as such can really treat chronic pain, instead of just masking its symptoms. Additionally cannabis does no harm to the  liver, so it’s a win-win situation for those  want to relieve pain and live a healthy life unlike smoking marijuana  which may deteriorate the condition of the skin.  

Topical marijuana and Cancer

Research has revealed that marijuana does not only work with the body to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, but it also causes their destruction in some cases.

Topical use of marijuana is one of the safest and most effective ways to help the user with his/her health conditions. If he/she is eager to try topical marijuana for him/herself, he/she can easily make it by using a solvent, e.g. alcohol or lipids. From the benefits of cannabis topicals, outlined above its high time you tried cannabis topical and benefit from its specific uses particularly its interesting way of administration.

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