The widespread of the corona virus known as COVID-19 has called for global concern and pushed many people into taking precautions against contracting the deadly virus. This had been worsened by the fact that no relevant cure has been developed for this virus. This article elaborates on the essentials to know about cannabis and this novel corona virus.

How can cannabis users stay healthy around the corona virus?

Cannabis users can protect themselves from the corona virus in the following ways:

They should stop sharing joints, blunts, and bongs while corona virus is spreading: One of the greatest pleasures of the cannabis plant is   the puff-and-pass customs surrounding marijuana.  But note should be taken that passing around a joint is a good way of spreading any virus, including COVID-19, marijuana users are advised to stick to their own supply and offer a friendly elbow bump.

Users should wash their hands frequently: one of the main was ways of preventing the transmission of the corona virus as well as other ailments is via thorough hand washing. Before sitting down for a session or digging into some munchies, users should make sure to wash their hands for a count of 20 seconds.

Marijuana users should not buy into unproven corona virus remedies: Given that there is a general hype around CBD, outlandish claims will soon be heard about its effect on corona virus, especially on social media which are obviously not true as there is no solid research on CBD and corona virus for the moment.

Users should be cautious with marijuana around COVID-19

It is not such a great idea to smoke weed when a user is down with a virus but cannabis can be integrated cannabis (or not) into the treatment and recovery from a normal flu because THC and CBD have pain-relieving, sleep-inducing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Marijuana users should take precautions about physical contact with others.  They should stop shaking hands, they can simply wave or greet verbally. They don’t need to lock themselves in a panic room, but do consider their interactions with other people and with public surfaces when out and about.

They should leave the face masks for ill patients and health care providers. According to the CDC and other health agencies mask are meant to prevent already infected patients from spreading the corona virus, and to protect healthcare professionals working in high-risk environments.  It should be noted that frequent hand washing is far more effective than wearing a mask.

Some COVID-19 symptoms include: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient, or traveled recently to an area with ongoing spread.

Have a self-quarantine plan

This is all about a spectrum: choosing either to work-at-home for those who are fortunate enough to have that choice or to a full-on home quarantine.


To conclude, there exist no scientific proof that CBD infused products can help with the corona virus. Cannabis users should ignore the rumors and shouldn’t get enticed into buying CBD products, especially from the illicit market.

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