Charlotte’s Web marijuana Strain Complete Review

There is no doubt that the use of marijuana products for the treatment of a  number of diseases has been successful. This can be justified by the recent approval of the FDA of the use of a CBD drug to treat two types of childhood epilepsy. This had also made the CBD market to grow at a faster rate despite the legal issues with the use of medical marijuana, as some states in the US have approved it. One type of marijuana strain that   has gained international attention and recognition is Charlotte’s Web strain and this article takes a critical review of this strain.

What Is Charlotte’s Web marijuana strain?

Charlotte’s Web is a marijuana strain that was uniquely designed for and named after Charlotte Figi.  This cannabis strain is considered to be a hemp variant because of its high CBD content i.e. 17 percent and less than one percent of THC, implying that it is a non-psychoactive strain. This appealing marijuana strain provides an all-natural therapy to patients suffering from various diseases due to its  high percentage of CBD, which is more than 300 times than what an average cannabis strain contains thus making it  highly effective for medical use.

The Aroma, Flavor and Appearance of Charlotte’s Web Cannabis strain.

Charlotte’s Web marijuana strain has an attractive and pleasant aroma accompanied with a piney and earthy like scent which is light but can still be detected it. This strain has a sweet flavor and it’s accompanied by some woodsy flavor.  The taste of Charlotte’s Web’s resembles that of sage, citrus, and lemon but is subtle tones. In terms of appearance, this strain is generally an attractive cannabis strain as the buds have the sage-green color and its leaves well-packed around the stem. Its little orange pistils in between the leaves have a scattered appearance giving it a look that can be mistaken to marijuana with high THC content.  However this strain lacks snow crystals or frost because it’s rich in CBD.

Some Growing Tips about Charlotte’s Web Strain

At the moment, Charlotte’s Web is one of the marijuana strains that cannot be cultivated for commercial purposes as the commercial cultivation rights of this cannabis strain are held by Stanley Brothers Organization which makes it illegal for other growers to grow it for commercial motives making it difficult for many people to have authentic access to Charlotte’s Web seeds. It should be noted that if you want to cultivate this strain for medicinal purposes, then you need to get a clone of Charlotte’s Web marijuana seeds. However  There is very little information on the  best climate conditions for the growth of  this marijuana  strain but reports suggest that  it can perfectly grow outdoors or indoors and produce a high yield in both instances and that the strain flowers after 8 or 9 weeks. If  Charlotte’s Web strain is cultivated outdoors, it can be ready for harvest by mid-October  and yields harvested from  the plants that grown outdoors average to around 16 ounces for each plant while the indoor yield can  range between 12-16 ounces for every meter-squared.

The Effects of Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

This marijuana strain has a sativa to Indica ratio of  6:4  and  is classified as a sativa-dominant weed because of the high percentage of sativa. It is also composed of low amounts of THC implying that that it isn’t psychoactive. Generally, it makes users feel relaxed and enhances mood by uplifting their feelings.  Users of this strain respond differently to but most users of this cannabis strain have reported an improvement in their demeanor as well as mood and have experienced an increase in energy levels in the body that leads to better performance. This sativa-dominant  cannabis strain also creates mild happiness waves and is commonly used with CBD Oil and capsules as relieve for  diseases such as anxiety, stress etc. it should be noted that  Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain does not change the mental capabilities hence it  can used while carrying out daily activities. I is used primarily for medicinal purposes due to its amazing health benefits.

Medical Benefits of Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain

As seen above, Charlotte’s Web was named after Charlotte Figi, a girl who was suffering from a rare type of epilepsy seizure known as the Dravet Syndrome and her recovery journey involved the use of this cannabis strain. This strain has a wide range of health benefits in treating various diseases and medical conditions.


Charlotte Figi was able to treat her epileptic seizures by using the edible capsules made from Charlotte’s Web marijuana strain. This strain can thus be used by children as well as adults who suffer from epilepsy or frequent, intense seizures.

Easing Pain

This is a marijuana strain has high amounts of CBD thus  can be used to manage chronic pain from diseases as well as injuries, such as  ease the pain that is caused by cancer treatments,  the pain that’s caused by muscle spasms, arthritis etc.  This non-psychoactive pain relieving strain  can treat chronic pain conditions such as Parkinson’s diseases and other neuropathic diseases.

This strain Improves Mental Well-Being

The high CBD content of this cannabis strain  has the ability to ease symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety as  it provides a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and the body, resulting  to  comfort and good mood.

 This strain Enhances Performance

The sativa-dominant properties of this strain  makes it ideal for easing fatigue and tiredness as it  increases the amount of energy level in the body greatly  needed for improved physical performance. Additionally, this strain increases the functioning of the brain  by acting as a reliable source of fuel, leading to better focus and alertness.

Negative Side Effects of Charlotte’s Web Cannabis strain

Despite the numerous health benefit of Charlotte’s Web, just like all types of medicines, it should be used with caution as this cannabis strain has potential side effects even though the side effects are usually mild and last for a short period of time compared to other marijuana strains. Some common side effects of Charlotte’s Web include:

Cotton Mouth and Dry Eyes

This is also known as dry mouth normally accompanied with dry eyes and caused as a result of dehydration and loss of electrolytes from the body. To manage these two conditions, ensure that you take lots of water before using, while using, and after using Charlotte’s Web. Equally get an eye drop product rich in moisture to prevent your eyes from drying up. Other common side effects of using this strain include headaches, paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety although it happens in rare cases.

The Bottom Line

Generally, Charlotte’s Web is a marijuana strain of high-quality of marijuana strain. The strain has all the necessary compounds needed by the body to fight diseases. The wide range of properties of this strain from its anti-inflammatory to anti-anxiety means that it can be used to ease pain from the body and provide a feeling of calmness. However Charlotte’s Web isn’t a common type of marijuana strain and you can only find it in high-end dispensaries and medical centers. This strain that has profound health benefits and although some users may have experienced some negative side effects, its benefits really outweighs any negative side effect.

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