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One dead, two hospitalised as drug laced with heroin circulates in Sydney

One person has died and two others have been hospitalised from heroin overdoses in NSW in the past week after using a drug they thought was cocaine.

Health authorities have warned the drug is currently circulating in Sydney and recreational drug users should consider carrying the medication Naloxone.
NSW Poisons Information Centre medical director Dr Darren Roberts said a heroin overdose could quickly result from snorting a single line of the substance. “It’s important that people recognise the signs of an opioid overdose early and know how to respond,” he warned.

Opioids such as heroin can cause pin-point pupils, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, slowed breathing/snoring and skin turning blue/grey and can be life-threatening

“One of the dangers of illicit drug supply is the strength and contents of the substance you are getting is unknown and can be inconsistent.”
Naloxone is an important life-saving medication that reverses the effects of opioids.
It does not require a prescription and is free for anyone at risk of opioid overdose in NSW.
It is available as a nasal spray or injection from some pharmacies and other health services.
Earlier this month NSW Health warned high-dose MDMA tablets are currently circulating in New South Wales, with tablets containing “up to twice the average” dosage detected.
They advised the public that three types of high-dose MDMA tablets were recently found in the state, and other MDMA pills sampled had other drugs detected in their tablets including cathinone stimulants, and “ketamine and ketamine-analogues”.

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