The Origins, Potency and Benefits of Amnesia Haze Marijuana Strain (Review)

What Is the Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain?

Amnesia haze is often referred  to as an ‘ultra-hybrid,’ is  a  technically sativa classified cannabis strain with  an incredibly diverse and dynamic genetic lineage – one aspect proving  the type of precise care and consideration that was taken by  the breeders over at Soma Seeds to produce this happy-vibes bringing lady. This strain is indeed a genetic smorgasbord of sorts, with its cannabinoid profile drawing reference from such parent plants as: Jamaican Sativa, Hawaiian Sativa, Thai Sativa, Afghani Indica, South Asian Indica, Cambodian Sativa and Haze Sativa.

However the relatives of Amnesia Haze are predominantly landrace strains, thus the reason  for  such a clean, pure high with fewer side effects than some other sativas. This strain has a small amount of sativa in it with Amnesia’s sativa to indica ratio standing at roughly 80:20 giving the strain a slightly more balanced, well-rounded high, and helps to keep the paranoia, jitters and anxiety which are common with many sativas, at bay. And best of all, this strain has a THC percentage of 21% so you can expect Amnesia Haze to be hard hitting, with just a little bit going a very long way. This is why the cannabis community refers to it as a one hit quitter.

The Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Amnesia Haze Strain

Amnesia Haze aroma has a  pungent earthy scent that slowly begin to blend into hints of citrus, lemon and even sometimes pine, creating a full-bodied and well-rounded overall profile and  fills up any room it happens to be in earthy .

The taste of this strain is similar to the scent, but possesses a bit of a sweeter hint that sends the taste buds into a world of their own with a smooth and buttery smoke, easily traveling into the lungs, with little after cough involved, as long as the right quality is purchase.

Amnesia Haze looks  beautiful, with sugar leaves that are grey, pale green and sagey in color and in between the frosty, crystalline leaves are  found soft brassy pistils (tiny hairs curling and mixing  throughout the buds. This crop grows medium to tall in height, and has a sativa-like branch structure, with many separate colas extending from one, high growing stalk.

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain Grow Tips

One of the short comings of Amnesia Haze is its convenience to grow. This weed strain is difficult to cultivate, as its production is reserved primarily to experienced cultivators. The Amnesia Haze crop is a bit of a paradox, as it grows well in a balmy, sunny and Mediterranean style climate (which is challenging to recreate indoors) coupled with its high sensitivity to pests making it simpler to grow indoors. Indoor yields of this strain average around 21 ounces of bud per meter squared, while outdoor yields average a little larger at 25 ounces per plant. All in all, growing Amnesia Haze is a great challenge, but those who are interested in taking on such a project, will be rewarded with this delicious and medicinal strain in the end.

Medical Benefits of Amnesia Haze Weed

Amnesia Haze is utilized by a variety of medical cannabis patients with the most common uses being by patients with mood disorders stress, depression or the depressive side of Bipolar, as it digs deep and brings up inner happiness, joy and an overall uplifted vibe due to its mild relaxation effect which can assist in calming any tension and grounding you back into the present moment. Amnesia Haze strain also has the power to motivate and bring about creative energy, so for those who are stressed because of a workload, or because they can’t quite find the creative spark, this cannabis strain could be a massive help.

For mood disorders, it is best to consume an average, comfortable and familiar dose of this marijuana  strain, because the over consumption of THC can sometimes lead to paranoia and anxiety from all strain so stick to what you know in order to guarantee yourself an enjoyable experience. Within the physical realm Amnesia haze is also good for pain (including chronic), fatigue and lack of appetite as it seems to act as a powerful numbing agent, as well as a subtle energizer that will not cause any over hype, or those frustrating jitters and shakes like some sativas can.

Physical ailments can benefit from an average to large dose of this medical cannabis strain; then the full benefits and effects of the medicine can be felt. There are alternative to smoking this strain which can be a simple and convenient way to consume a greater quantity of THC, without all the added work and effort such as edible, concentrate and extract forms of Amnesia Haze.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze has very few negative side effects compared to most sativa strains. This strain does not have a tendency  of inducing  dizziness, paranoia, anxiety, nausea or any of the other possibilities that really suck when all a user is  trying to do is enjoy being high. So users  can feel an overwhelming sense of relief with this cannabis strain, because the only negative effect  that Amnesia commonly causes, is cotton mouth (dry mouth), which can be easily managed by drinking plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your marijuana  consumption. On rare occasions, this marijuana strain  can cause dry, red eyes, but it is advisable to  keep a bottle of moisturizing eye drops on hand.

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain Review: Take-Home Message.

For those  struggling  with depression, stress, chronic pain, lack of appetite, fatigue, or simply find it difficult to get motivated and start their  day, Amnesia Haze might be the quite essential cannabis  strain for you. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana  is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be always taken.

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