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World-first’ medicinal cannabis driving trial to launch in Victoria

Medicinal cannabis druggies will be suitable to get behind the wheel and drive on unrestricted roads under a new trial launched by the puritanical government.
Premier Jacinta Allan blazoned the 18- month trial would soon begin on a unrestricted- circuit track that would mimic real- world driving conditions.
Victoria came the first state to authorize the use of medicinal cannabis in 2016, still, it’s illegal for a person to drive with any trace of tetrahydrocannabinol( THC) in their system.

THC, the psychoactive element of cannabis, can remain in a person’s system for several days after they take their specified drug.

” Under our Government, Victoria was the first state in Australia to legalize access to medicinal cannabis – now our world-first trial will see if those taking this drug can safely get behind the wheel,” Allan said.
Swinburne University will run the trial and review actors’ capability to manage distractions and assess their driving performance including steering, retardation and speed control.

The government invested$4.9 million in the medicinal cannabis driving trial, in the 2024- 2025 state budget before this month.

Actors who wish to qualify must have been specified medicinal cannabis for a sleep complaint, habitual pain, or a internal health condition for at least six months.
The trial will include pre andpost-drive medicine impairment wire works.

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